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Family, Fur Baby, & House Portraits

Portrait Services & Prices

Individual & Family Portraits

Individual and family portraits have been done and passed down through families for centuries. Portraits are cherished keepsakes that help tell the story of the people you come from, and the story you want to leave behind. A portrait is more than just an image. It embodies your legacy.

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Pet Portraits

Our fur babies have never been more cherished as they are these days. Though pets have found their way into art throughout art history, they are now fur family and have portraits all their own. Our fur babies are part of our story and leave an impact on our lives that deserves recognition!

10% of pet portrait sales go to the animal organization of your choice!

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House Portraits

House portraits have been around for a while, but with the popularity of shows on HGTV and the current state of the world, home, and all the love it contains, is getting the attention is deserves. Home is where we are examples to our kids, where we build businesses, and where we make lasting memories.

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Gift Ideas

Give the gift of a Portrait: Birthdays, Religious Holidays or Ceremonies, Weddings, Anniversaries, Memorials, Keepsakes, Graduations, First Home or Forever Home

Portrait Services & Prices

These are base prices. (Sales tax will be added.) Prices may vary according to number of subjects and subject matter. A 50% non-refundable deposit must be received before the portrait will be started. Images of the portrait progress are always sent to the client. Feel free to email Sandy with any questions.

Watercolor Portrait

This is my most popular portrait option. It is a versatile medium, rich in color, and it can be used from a range of subtle to more substantial detail. Watercolor has become one of my favorite mediums!

5 x 7 $150

8 x 10 $200

9 x 12 $250            9 x 12 House Portrait $250

11 x 14 $300

16 x 20 $500


Soft, layered color with a painterly style. This option is capable of more realism. Done on white or colored pastel paper with medium to hard pastel sticks and pencils.

8 x 10 $250

11 x 14 $375

16 x 20 $575

Colored Pencil

This option adds a height of detail! Colored pencil offers a wide array of colors and detail for a more realistic portrait. Please allow more time for this portrait option to be completed.

5 x 7 $200

8 x 10 $300

9 x 12 $375

11 x 14 $500

Charcoal on Toned Paper Portrait

Beautiful and simple, this option can be done as a sketch or with more detail. Drawn on toned paper of either tan or gray, using white and charcoal tones, or sepia tones. This portrait creates a more traditional, old-fashioned look. (Examples coming soon!)

5 x 7 $135

8 x 10 $180

9 x 12 $220

Copyrights remain with the artist. I do post images of my work on social media, so please let me know if your portrait is going to be a gift. If you share images of my portrait on your social media, please be sure to tag me in the post. Thank you!

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